Lefty Muses

I’ve been away from this site for a long while. I had such big plans! And then along came LIFE and POOF! those plans were . . . okay, not GONE but put on hold while I struggled with those new challenges.

A reminder that I am also a writer who writes novels for ages tot to teen, plus sweet contemporary romances under a pen name – Neenah Davis-Wilson,, and so those often take precedence over most of what I do. As well as promoting said novels and stories. A challenge in itself! I suck at it. But I digress . . .

My novels for all ages are about guys and gals, boys and girls who are left handed. There aren’t a lot of stories out there that feature lefties–unless they’re the villains. Or maybe they have CP which affects their right side, forcing them to be left handed. Don’t believe I’ve ever in my lifetime read a story where the main character was a lefty in a normal way. Yes, I said normal.

I am normal! I just happen to be a lefty as well. And Proud of It!

The hand on my header graphic is mine. There were others I wanted to use, but I didn’t want to pay that much for the use of them for a logo, so . . .

I will post all my books here at some point so that if you wish to enter a world peopled with real lefties, you can. I write under two names as I write contemporary romance of the sweeter variety and stuff for middle graders and young adults.

I had also promised some more fun facts and resources, and I will get them here as quick as I can. Working on those facts now. I have expanded the Famous Lefties and as you see, put them on separate pages according to their categories. If you know of a famous or semi-famous southpaw, email me at anita @ thesouthpawconnection.com. I was thinking of doing a page up for our beloved lefty relatives as well. We’ll see.

That’s the news and muse for today! I’ll post again whenever . . .

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