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This site is dedicated to those of us much maligned for being left handed. I’ll be sharing personal experiences from my childhood on up, plus those of my two sisters, my sons, my dad-in-law, my niece who has an eight-year-old lefty, and everyone else in my family or outside it who is southpawed who’ll be willing to share their stories.

We’ll focus a bit about all those put down stories and such. Including those references made in the Bible, i.e.,the sheep and goats and others. Are there only sinister references made to the left hand there? We’ll find out!

I’m also an author whose characters are more than likely going to be left handed. Don’t focus on their clumsiness with it in any patronizing way, either. That gets me hot–not every left hander is “clumsy”. Not every right hander is graceful. I’ve seen many a right handed person writing and holding a pen just like many lefties do. (Ahhhhhh . . . <i>why</i>?) Anyhow, most of my characters get along very well with their preferred hand and are not at all clumsy. A couple are ambidextrous. They might be willing to share a few good tales with you too, about their experiences as lefties. Possibly their parents might have a thing or two to say as well.

I’ll have resources listed for lefties, links to products, other people’s and my own, the ever inspiring page(s) of famous left handed people, and info on International Lefties Day, August 13th.

I’m afraid I never knew that there was such a day until I began searching for material to include on this site . . . but that’s because being left handed, to me, is so natural that I never considered myself as having some sort of handicap. Didn’t expect to have my own day, so to speak.

I hope you’ll enjoy this site, and find something useful on it. To all you righthanded parents with lefty kids–don’t sweat it. It’s really not that big a deal. They’re different, sure, and that’s all. It’s all just a different way of having to do things. Enjoy them for who they are, not what hand they prefer to use. We lefties are adaptable. Just like the Borg . . .

Not a Trekkie? Well, you see . . . there’s these cyborg type people who live in space cubes assimilating every culture they encounter, adapting all they learn from them for their own use . . .