International Left Handers’ Day

Here’s the schedule for the next ten years! Notice it doesn’t ever fall on a Monday and only once on a Wednesday . . . interesting. Anyway, celebrate the day that brings awareness to all lefties everywhere. We have challenges, but most of us wouldn’t change it for anything.

I’m proud of my rare handedness! I hope you are too! We’re unique, not handicapped!

Love the Lefty in your World!

Left-Handers’ Day
2019TueAug 13
2020ThuAug 13
2021FriAug 13
2022SatAug 13
2023SunAug 13
2024TueAug 13
2025WedAug 13
2026ThuAug 13
2027FriAug 13
2028SunAug 13